We are creative professionals who are passionate about telling stories through images from unexpected points of view.

Regardless of the communication goals, the target audience, or the type of project, there is one fundamental factor shared by all videos: a video leads to a reaction, which is often an emotion.

But how do we decide where to create that emotion? The secret is to put together the elements that establish the right balance.

Over the years, Don’t Movie has refined an approach to editing that promotes a synergy of sound and image that goes beyond a mere coexistence to achieve a true unity.

We provide our partners with an innovative platform for viewing videos and providing feedback in real time.

For each project, we create a dedicated folder in which you can view and comment on every version of a video we produce.

For each video, you can:

  • access the platform without having to sign up, simply by clicking the link we provide and entering a nickname
  • view all versions of the video whenever you want
  • enter a comment of other feedback on a specific part of a video
  • view videos frame by frame, select specific frames, and point to them using a specific URL
  • have the confidence of private, secure access because we protect the links to videos using personalized passwords
  • give your team access in order to receive all feedback remotely, even from different accounts
  • send us email notifications for each feedback session

This enables both us and you to:

  • have a clear and up-to-date view of project status
  • facilitate and speed up the receipt of feedback and identify critical issues, as well as reduce the potential for misunderstanding
  • optimize production times

This platform ensures extreme levels of security thanks to 256-bit SSL encryption, while also providing a fast, convenient, and intuitive experience for all.

Don't Boss

Luca Cetro

Head of Production
Music Composer

Matteo Fossati

Sales Manager
Visual FX

Fabio Garofalo

Art Director

Jacopo Santambrogio

New Business Development


Gaia Meola

Project Manager

Anthony Fesce

Director & Editor

Claudia La Rosa

Editor & Colorist

Gianluca La Porta

Camera Operator

Francesca Romanò

Graphic Designer & Animator

Chiara Temperato

Executive Producer

Linda Riccardi

Set Designer & Stylist

Giacomo Bolzani


Cristiana Rumori

Content Manager

Nicolò Piccione

Editor & Camera Operator

Martina Santimone