Branded content

Every story is a great story when told the right way

What are we talking about?

Businesses are increasingly turning to forms of communication that fuel engagement and build an emotional connection between their audience and their brand values. One such approach is branded content.

Why does it work?

The goal is to entertain with no explicit commercial goal.

What makes it effective?

The explicit presence of the brand should not be predominant.

The content needs to be interesting and cause a reaction.

It needs to be engaging and impactful.

The often narrative format and production dynamics make branded content quite different from a traditional ad, and this type of production needs to be approached with a specific attitude and experience.


is Don’t Movie the ideal partner for you?

Creativity and experience

We’ve built a young, dynamic team. This creative freshness enables us to generate great value in this sort of production by way of solutions that are always original.

Attention to detail

Don’t Movie Video Factory is a company at which creativity and artistry come together with professionalism and skill. We see to even the smallest details to produce content of the highest quality.

We’re winners of the 48th Key Award in the category “Branded content & entertainment”

Expect the unexpected

logo workflow

Structured, open workflow

Be aware ahead of time, and at all times, of all project stages and timeframes. This allows for the efficient handling of any reworks.

logo feedback

Feedback 2.0

We use online software for the sharing of work in progress that makes it possible to add comments or make change requests in real time and directly on the draft of the video.

logo mano con omino

We see to your every need

We assign you a dedicated project manager for each of your projects.

logo musica

Music just for you

You can have us compose original soundtracks and provide exclusive licensing.

logo occhi

Listen with your eyes

We use the Audio Syncro Emotion approach in order to perfectly synchronize image and sound.

logo produzione

Local production

Streamlined processes and production speed because all of the key aspects of production are carried out in house.

Our constant guarantee

Custom consulting

When and if needed, providing you with both creative and technical consulting for project planning, writing, and managing the tender process.

Short turnaround times

We provide you with cost estimates quickly, even for highly complex projects.

Creative writing

When and if needed, we provide custom storytelling and creative writing based on the value’s of your client’s brand and the goals to be achieved.

We’re your ideal partner in the production of branded content because we’re a video factory, not a video or web agency, so we are not now, and never will be, a competitor of yours.

Because of this, we can even provide support with your clients and provide value while fully respecting your role in the project.

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