The ingredients for effective communication

Communicating with video: all you need to know

Formats, platforms, and methods of use. The digital experience is rapidly changing, both in form and in content. It’s crucial for brands to keep the pace, but one thing never changes: video is the most effective means of communication. But why is that?

Because video…


Accounts for over 30% of online activity


Is shared more than text or still photos


Increases the time spent on a web site


Reinforces brand awareness

The objectives

The first step is to set the goals for your campaign. Is it selling or awareness? Only after identifying your target can you know which channels to use and create the right content for each platform.


The second step is to set your budget. In this way, you can find the right balance between spending on content creation and spending to promote that content.

The partner

Over the last decade, the video production industry has grown exponentially, in both supply and demand. Increased access to modern technologies has opened the door to new content creators, so with this vast array of options it can be difficult to find a partner that gives you both quality and experience. With the ideal partner, you get:


You get an actual consultant that will guide you through the production process with the confidence of experience and the fresh ideas of a talented creative team.

Timely delivery

with a team of professionals who understand the importance of deadlines.

Why Don’t Movie is your ideal partner?

We handle every stage of your project – design, production and distribution – entirely with our in-house team of experts.

Contacts us

A complete team

Our in-house team of young talent possesses all the skills you need to produce quality video content:

  • 2 Directors
  • 2 Composers
  • 2 Senior producers
  • 1 Director of photography
  • 1 dedicated team of copywriters
  • Graphic designers for the creation of onscreen graphics
  • Visual composers for the creation of integrated animations
  • A certified drone pilot for aerial shots
  • A crew specialized in 360° and 3D video and photography
  • Native speakers of English and French to interact with international contacts

Over the years, we have established close relationships with the brand managers, social media managers, and product managers of leading brands such as Pirelli, Bosch, Unicredit and Siemens. This enables us to build customer relationships based on trust and to better understand and meet your needs.

Experience + Creativity = Effective communication

What makes us special?

logo lettera

No surprises in delivery

You get a written recap after every meeting. Always.

logo mano con omino

We take good care of you

You get direct contact with video production and marketing experts. No middleman.

logo feedback

Creativity with a focus on video production

You get a team of copywriters and content creators specialized in the production of video campaigns.

logo workflow

Transparent, structured workflow

You get constant updates on project progress and will always have time for reworking and fine tuning.

Our services for you

TV ads

Web ads

Motion graphics

Branded content

360° Video

Corporate videos

Short subjects


Original soundtracks

Video storytelling

Event videos

Tutorial videos

Drone video and photography

3D Video

Backstage videos

Video streaming

Event photos and photo reportage

Still life photography

Still life video

Sound design

Dubbing and voiceover


Format creation

Stop motion


Our guarantee to you

Problem solving

As enthusiastic problem solvers, we support you in all aspects of video production, from organization and legal issues to actual project design. Where others see roadblocks, we see new ways forward.

Expert consulting

Ideas first take shape on paper. But to translate them into video, it takes an expert who knows how to guide you through the design and creation of an entire campaign.


With ten years of experience in the industry and 1,000 projects bearing our name, we have what it takes to handle any project and take on any challenge.

Fast delivery

We give you quick turnarounds for cost estimates, creative proposals, and the production of your video campaigns. Even for the most complex projects.

We’re your ideal partner because we’re young, independent, and dynamic. What more could you ask for?

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