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Why are we the ideal partner for your video productions?

Does this happen to you?

Your clients want original, high-quality video production, but their budgets keep getting smaller and smaller.
You need a partner that has the structure it takes to ensure:

Fast production times

High quality levels


Reliability, and on-time delivery.


is Don’t Movie the ideal partner for you?

We’ve designed our organization to be the right solution for your specific needs. We understand your needs, plan out a targeted, efficient response, and help you achieve your goals within the timeframe required.

Full-service team

We have all the skills needed to produce any video you may need, all right here within our team, and we have the capacity to work simultaneously on multiple productions:

  • 2 directors
  • 2 composers
  • 2 senior producers
  • 1 director of photography
  • graphic designers and visual effects designers for the creation of infographic videos or to integrate animation and video
  • native speakers of English and French in house to interact with international organizations and to film outside Italy
  • licensed pilot authorized to operate drones for filming

Over the years, we’ve developed a network of partnerships (esp. with directors, DPs, and technical teams) to help us meet your every need and ensure the utmost performance at all times to satisfy your production needs.

Professionalism + Reliability = Your peace of mind

Sure, but what makes us special?

logo lettera

No surprises upon delivery

We give you a written recap after every briefing. Always.

logo mano con omino

We see to your every need

We assign you a dedicated project manager for each of your projects.

logo feedback

Feedback 2.0

We use online software for the sharing of work in progress that makes it possible to add comments or make change requests in real time and directly on the draft of the video.

logo workflow

Structured, open workflow

Be aware ahead of time, and at all times, of all project stages and timeframes. This allows for the efficient handling of any reworks.

The services we provide:

TV commercials

Web ads

Motion graphics

Branded content

360° video

Corporate videos

Short subjects


Original soundtracks

Video storytelling

Event videos

Video tutorials

Drone aerial videos

2D and 3D animation

Backstage videos

Video streaming

Event photography, reportage

Still life

Sound design

Dubbing and narration


Format creation


Our constant guarantee

Problem solving

Our focus on problem solving in support of all issues related to organization, regulations, authorizations, and actual video production.

Custom consulting

When and if needed, providing you with both creative and technical consulting for project planning, writing, and managing the tender process.

Short turnaround times

Providing you with cost estimates quickly, even for highly complex projects.

We’re your ideal partner because we’re a production company, not an agency, so we are not now, and never will be, a competitor of yours.

Because of this, we can even provide support with your clients and provide value while fully respecting your role in the project.

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